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Ever wondered why butterflies are slowly vanishing? When was the last time you saw a butterfly fluttering around?

Probably, you will have to try a bit to answer. And many kids would have seen a butterfly only in their storybooks.

The 2018 Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count found that the number of west coast monarch butterflies migrating to winter had gone down to just 20,456 butterflies, a drop of whopping 86% compared to last year.

Who is responsible for taking these beautiful creatures to extinction?

Humans are the culprit of this sharp decline in the butterfly population. Human-induced climate change and habitat loss have put these beautiful creatures in the path to extinction. Increasing carbon dioxide has made their food toxic for the butterflies.

Isn’t it our responsibility now to restore their habitat and work hard to reverse the process of climate change?

The onus is on us – the human race.

Thankfully we have a potent tool at hand

If you are thinking about how to take on this colossal work, no worries as we have a potent tool at hand – hemp.

Just a few years ago, hemp was a banned substance around the world, thanks to cousin marijuana. Though hemp was a non-intoxicating plant, it had to bear the brunt of harsh regulations.

Very recently, numerous advantages of hemp came to light, thanks to research. Governments lifted bans and instead began encouraging hemp cultivation.

Termed a marvel crop, industrial hemp is highly in demand today for a long list of reasons. Moreover, hemp cultivation doesn’t require the use of pesticides or excessive water. Hemp cultivation not only helps in improving the environment but also provides the poor farmers in hilly regions a source of income they so badly need.

And it does help bring back the butterflies.


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