Our fashion choices in the past have already done enough harm to the planet. According to WWF, 10,000 species are going extinct every year. We urge and pray you on behalf of all the beautiful species on the earth that save our planet otherwise future generations will never be able to pardon us for our choices.
Cotton uses world’s 25% pesticide and 12% insecticide. It pollutes underground water tables, kills marine animals and leaves the land barren after few years of crop thus forcing famers to suicide in developing nations. At last, it enters our food chain and destroys our body like slow poison.
All our clothing have been named after an animal which is about to be extinct due to human actions. Every time you wear our clothing, remember we need to save our planet.
Be wise, choose Hemp.

Metamorphosis Kurta – Navy


Metamorphosis Kurta

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What could be better than a light, ethnic Kurta? A light, ethnic Kurta crafted from 100% hemp! Take flight in this amazingly well-fitted and classy Kurta in a gorgeous navy blue. With a clean-cut in the front and an asymmetrical angle at the back, this is no ordinary Kurta. Bid adieu to Kurtas that make you uncomfortable and itchy. A Kurta made from hemp is unbelievably gentle on the skin. Bring this ensemble home with denim or white ethnic pajamas.
Fabric: 100% Hemp

38 40 42 44 46
Metamorphosis Kurta

Beige, Grey Melange, Navy, Peach, White

Size No

38, 40, 42, 44, 46


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