Lakshmi – Beautiful Pink Flowers Double Layer Pure Hemp Face Cover




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Do you remember how more than 150,000 flamingos descended over Mumbai during India’s Coronavirus lockdown and painted the city pink? The re-appearance of flamingo made us realize how badly we had encroached the earth making life hard for other creatures.

If animals and birds knew coronavirus was behind the respite in human encroachment and some recreation back in their life, they would all be thanking Covid-19 profusely by now!

Isn’t it time to move the clock back and restore the environment? Even if we aren’t able to push the line back to ground zero, pressing it behind as much as we can help.

Super crop hemp as a potent tool to attain a goal that many now see as improbable.

The wonder crop

Hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of Cannabis Sativa. Highly nutritious, it is much more economically viable than cotton, while using less water. What makes it a purifying agent is the fact that hemp detoxifies the soil by eliminating harmful chemicals and pollutants, and augments the soil with nitrogen and oxygen.

This is among the few crops that can be grown with no chemicals at all. Cultivating hemp in the banks of rivers and other water bodies helps immensely in detoxifying the soil and bringing back its productivity.

Double-layered masks which are more effective against pollutants

Compared to the usual masks, these masks are double-layered which makes them much more effective in protecting you from pollutants and bacteria around. Moreover, these masks perform better than the cotton ones when it comes to absorbing moisture and the ease of breathing. Hemp fabric is also three to eight times stronger than cotton, so it stays with you for a longer time.

Arrest degradation of the environment

Quicker adoption of hemp and other eco-friendly crops will help arrest sharp degradation in our environment and turn the table back. As the inhabitants of the earth, it is our collective responsibility to do all we can to help the planet recover its environmental health. If we don’t take notice of what is happening around and refuse to stand up to arrest the fall, doom will break on us all.

Join hands to bring back flamingo in Mumbai

The pink color of this mask will remind you of the descent of the flamingo in Mumbai and look ahead towards creating a scenario where all of India extends an open invitation to them.

The hemp used in the production of the mask has been sourced from Kedar valley in Uttarakhand, a state with a long back tradition of producing crops in an organic manner. Poor and hardworking women of remote Uttarakhand villages have been encouraged to handcraft these extraordinary masks. The idea is to trigger their economic independence and instill in them the self-confidence to assert themselves in the family structure.

It isn’t improbable. You can make it happen.

In fact, it is time we all join hands to return the flamingo every year.

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