100% Hemp Fabric 160 GSM 58″Width, Hemp Woven fabric

Fabric name:Trivarna

Fabric Code: 21-01-13-1-62

Fabric composition- 100% Hemp

Type: Woven hemp fabric

GSM – 160

Width- 58″

Color- Custom Color Available subject to MOQ,

Color codes in the adjoining image( top to bottom) –21-01-13-1-62/1 ( Top colored fabric code) , 21-01-13-1-62/2 , 21-01-13-1-62/3 ,21-01-13-1-62/4 ( bottom fabric code)

Availability: Wholesale only

Usages : Clothing hemp fabric, shirting hemp fabric , trouser hemp fabric, suiting hemp fabric, women dresses hemp fabric, men’s dresses hemp fabric


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