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Beacon Casual Pants – Beige


Who says beige is boring? Take a look at this light pair of pants with a drawstring waist. Doesn’t it ooze lightness and easy confidence? And with good reason since the fabric is made of 100% hemp. Wonderfully eco-friendly and the definition of light – in texture, compassion to the earth, and your wallet as well. These are the perfect pants for summer. And they pair well with long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, beach sandals, or even a pair of formal shoes.
Fabric: 100% Hemp

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Visit Our Bulk Hemp Fabric Collections

Beacon Casual Pants – Blue Melange


Stand out this summer in casual pants made of hemp! Sick of pants that stick uncomfortably? Worried about sweat? Worry no longer because hemp will take care of it all for you. And more! Breeze your way through the sizzling heat in the softest fabric imaginable! Non-sticky, resistant to shrinkage, and oh-so-light to wear. You’ll never think of pants the same way again. That’s good news. The best news? These are pants that’ll only look better with time. Because, hemp!
Fabric: 53% Hemp + 42 Organic Cotton + 5% Spandex

30 32 34 36 38

Well fitted pants can not only give you comfort but elevate your look to the next level. Along with the fit, the fabric of the pants is quite important. Hemp is an all-season fabric and pants made from this fabric can become your go-to pants forever.

Hemp Foundation’s bulk hemp pants for men range can give you the fit and color you want in your wardrobe. No more choosing between looking good and being comfortable. The fabric texture is soft, but durable making it stay in your wardrobe for a very long time.

And if you care about the environment (everyone should) this fabric is a must add to your pant collection. Hemp crop requires little space, 50% less water than cotton and absorbs maximum carbon from the environment. Not only does hemp crop require less water but it also does not need pesticides. The crop replenishes the soil with nutrients from its leaves, unlike any other crop.

Hemp pants hold their shape always, you don’t have to worry about it losing shape after
few a wears or washes.

Hemp Foundation hemp pants men wholesale range is lightweight, breathable, and bacteria
resistant. These pants are UV resistant as well, that not only save the color
and material but also your skin.

To add to its environment warrior characteristics, hemp fabric is biodegradable. Once you
are done wearing it can be biodegraded on its own in the soil.

You can contact our bulk hemp men pants suppliers to get the color and size that you can don for that boardroom meeting or that night out with your friends.