Hemp Kurtas

Our fashion choices in the past have already done enough harm to the planet. According to WWF, 10,000 species are going extinct every year. We urge and pray you on behalf of all the beautiful species on the earth that save our planet otherwise future generations will never be able to pardon us for our choices.
Cotton uses world’s 25% pesticide and 12% insecticide. It pollutes underground water tables, kills marine animals and leaves the land barren after few years of crop thus forcing famers to suicide in developing nations. At last, it enters our food chain and destroys our body like slow poison.
All our clothing have been named after an animal which is about to be extinct due to human actions. Every time you wear our clothing, remember we need to save our planet.
Be wise, choose Hemp.

Nothing matches the poise and grace of a confident man in a well-designed kurta. Feel as great as you look, when you wear one of our breathtaking hemp kurtas. These hemp kurtas have been designed using organic hemp fabric, ensuring your kurta remains breathable, durable, and comfortable season after season. A word of warning though – you may not want to stop at one!

Hemp Foundation is the bulk hemp kurtas wholesale supplier for some of the leading apparel brands the world over. If you’ve ever brought high-quality hemp kurtas, you’d know they’re unlike cotton kurtas. Our 100% organic fabric keeps our hemp kurtas feeling sensational on your skin. Prepare to feel a sort of comfort that can quickly become addictive.

While kurtas have been disappearing off shelves and finding homes in men’s wardrobes for decades now, hemp kurtas are the way forward for fashion-forward males who also want to be environment-conscious. Unlike cotton kurtas, our hemp kurtas are carbon neutral and take up only a fraction of the volume of water that a single cotton kurta consumes. No wonders, these hemp kurtas are already favorites among fashionable environment-warriors.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for bulk hemp kurtas in wholesale, because we can fulfill any order size, and manage delivery logistics to ensure that our partner retailers and wholesalers get these unique hemp kurtas when they need them. The world is awakening to the calls of this planet – fashion doesn’t have to cost us the planet. Support the movement, wear a hemp kurta.